Our History

In 1892 a group of four people began meeting for prayer service in homes. Those people were Rev. Joe H. Davis, Mr. William Echols, Miss Jane Echols and Miss Bertha Echols. They were officers and members of White Oak Mountain Sunday School. Several names were suggested for the newly organized church and it is believed that Miss Bertha Echols suggested the name White Oak Grove Baptist Church, which the group agreed upon. Later, land was purchased from Miss Sallie Hutcherson and the first church was built. The Rev. I.H. Fountain assisted in organizing the church and renamed it White Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church and thus becoming the first pastor. Later, the second church was built. Both churches were of wooden structure. The second church was built on the left side of the first one. The first service in the new frame structure was conducted on the second Sunday in May 1902. On June 13, 1925, five dollars was paid for recording the deed of the church.  The Rev. I.H. Fountain served as pastor for 29 years, having served until his death.

In 1936, under the leadership of Pastor W.L. Heard the name of the church was changed to First Baptist Church of Dry Fork Virginia. The church purchased it's first pews. After Pastor Heard was terminated the church resumed it's previous name.

There have been four churches built in the lifetime of the church. The church supports eight Missionaries and have 26 ministries. The Lord has surely blessed White Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church whereas we are most thankful. Many souls have been saved and a lot of re-dedication to the Lord has taken place.

Pastor's through the years are follows:

Rev. I.H. Fountain - 1902

Rev. George W. Stephens

Rev. Joe H. Davis, Assistant Pastor

Rev. K.S. Coles - July 10, 1926 - August 13, 1927

Rev. J.C. Barnes - January 8, 1928 - August 1934

Rev. W.L. Heard - 1935 - 1939

Rev. R.H. Miller, Assistant Pastor - 1942 - 1968

Rev. E.L. McLaughlin - April 13, 1940 - February 10, 1967

Rev. James McLaughlin - June 29, 1967 - January 1968

Rev. Haywood Hodge - March 7, 1969 - December 28, 1973

Rev. Ollie Wilson - July 6, 1975 - April 1982

Rev. Edward L. Pope - January 1983 - Present