God has truly blessed this ministry over the years. We thank each of our members for your faithful service and support. Our theme for 2020 is: "Spiritual 2020 Vision." Theme verse Proverbs 29:18. 

I hope we all will work on hearing God's word and being a doer of the word. I pray that you all will be safe during this Coronavirus Pandemic. At this point, we don't know how long we will be out of our church building; maybe God's people had gotten to comfortable sitting in the pew so God allowed this virus to come and shake us up a bit and cause us to get back to being the church praising our God,  praying to our God and promoting our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
I plan to use every available means to get the Gospel out and minister to you doing this crisis. I will be preaching and doing bible study on social media. We will need to check on the sick and elderly, befriend people on social media because many are hurting, afraid, and alone. Maybe we were born for such a time as this - Esther 4:14. So don't be afraid, don't worry, trust God he will see you through - Proverbs 3:5-6  
Read these scriptures:
Isaiah 26:20
Psalms 34:4 
Psalms 91:1-2
In Service for Christ,  

Pastor Edward L. Pope